What We Do

1) Climate proofing of plans and strategies for private and public sector organizations including businesses, governments and civil society
Facilitate the development, exchange and application of climate-friendly business and technology solutions.

2) Support integration of climate change and climate change adaptation strategies into local, national, regional and international development policies, programmes and planning processes

3) Facilitate development and deployment of
intelligent tools and policies for climate change adaptation into various sectors

4) Promote biodiversity, bio-security and environmental sustainability to enhance food security

5) Bridge the gap between North and South priorities and facilitate South-South cooperation towards an inclusive global agenda for climate justice based on the principle of "common but differentiated responsibility".

Why We Do What We Do

Our Motivation

Climate XL's vision of a world characterized by balanced eco-social systems is driven by a commitment to see those most vulnerable to climate change take responsibility for betterment of their circumstances towards sustainable development by leveraging evolving knowledge base on climate change adaptation whilst diversifying their economic activities and improving their standard of living.

Climate XL seeks to assist the poor use their natural heritage and knowledge to adapt to climate change and enhance their livelihood. The impact of climate change is already being felt in diverse continents, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. The poor are the major victims; they are loosing their last heritage in terms of assets to safeguard food security and shelter e.g. biodiversity and ecosystems on which they depend for food and medicine.

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a holistic response. Climate XL strives towards an integrated approach linking climate change mitigation and adaptation (e.g. participating in creating markets for credits representing emissions reductions to encourage investment in power-saving technologies and low-carbon energy sources). The global climate change agenda is driven by the North who focuses on climate change effects such as melting of snow and possible extinction of polar bears and other biodiversity found in the North. On the other hand the South is focusing on effects relating to possible drought leading to migration of pastoralists, conflicts over water, land, grazing areas etc., and damage of flora and fauna leading to destruction of medicinal trees and plants upon which many people in the South depend on.

Climate XL believes the time is now right for businesses to develop and apply climate change business solutions as part of the business process beyond simple corporate responsibility. The climate change agenda has been driven by scientists, civil society and Governments. Although the causes of climate change and technologies for mitigation and adaptation are known, access to these tools and their application remain unacceptably low if not contrived in many countries. Furthermore, businesses are showing interest in playing their role. However, there are inadequate viable business models that can also contribute to the bottom line of individual firms whilst they contribute to the communal adaptation through corporate social responsibility.

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We champion sustainable environmental practices and climate change combating methods in Africa and globally. To this regard we have initiated and planned many projects across board. We encourage partnerships with interested members. more

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As an NGO we rely on partners, organizations and institutions to help us achieve our goals. Individuals are also partners too and are encourage helping in cash or kind. Give us a hand today for a better world tomorrow. more

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As a center that disseminates information regarding sustainable environmental practices and champion against climate change, we publish in various journals and papers.  You also find our publications at various events and dealers. more

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Climate XL is an equal opportunity employer. We champion meritocracy and a go getter attitude. We promise to provide growth opportunities to our employees and ensure that they achieve their dreams in a fulfilling way.more

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