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Kenya Biogas Project
Climate XL Africa is exploring large scale biogas generation in wastewater treatment plans. It is working with utilities around Lake Victoria.

The latest on Oceans and Climate Change
Leading expert scientists have concluded that the combination of stressors on the ocean are creating the conditions associated with every previous mass extinction of species in history; the speed and rate of ocean degeneration is far greater than predicted; many of the negative impacts previously identified are greater than the worst predictions; and, though difficult to assess due to the unprecedented rate of change, the first steps towards a global extinction may have begun with a rise in the extinction threat to marine species such as reef-forming corals. Coverage at
Date World Day to Combat Desertification
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Details June 17 is World Day to Combat Desertification i.e., the spread of deserts. We like deserts, but are against their encroachment. Both man and nature are responsible for desertifaction. It is within our grasp to stop and reverse desertification.

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We champion sustainable environmental practices and climate change combating methods in Africa and globally. To this regard we have initiated and planned many projects across board. We encourage partnerships with interested members. more

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As an NGO we rely on partners, organizations and institutions to help us achieve our goals. Individuals are also partners too and are encourage helping in cash or kind. Give us a hand today for a better world tomorrow. more

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As a center that disseminates information regarding sustainable environmental practices and champion against climate change, we publish in various journals and papers.  You also find our publications at various events and dealers. more

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Climate XL is an equal opportunity employer. We champion meritocracy and a go getter attitude. We promise to provide growth opportunities to our employees and ensure that they achieve their dreams in a fulfilling way.more

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